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Meet the Owner

Hello, I’m Andrew Wallace, a dedicated entrepreneur, and a proud resident of St. Tammany Parish here in Louisiana, where I found my passion in the world of electrical work.

Born in Metairie and raised amidst the serene landscapes of St Tammany Parish, my journey into the world of circuits and wires began at the age of 18, alongside my uncle. Little did I know that this initial experience would pave the way for a remarkable career and the birth of my own company.

In 2018, I embraced the unexpected twists and turns of life, leading me to establish my venture, WAM Electric. Rooted deeply in the vibrant communities of the Northshore and Southshore, WAM is more than just a business venture for me. It’s a testament to faith, hard work, and the unwavering belief in Jesus Christ.

As a devout Christian, I see my work as a means to spread the Gospel and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Every wire I connect, and every problem I solve is not just a task; it’s a step towards helping people and giving back to the community that has helped shaped me. My motivation is not just professional excellence; it’s a deep-seated desire to be a beacon of hope and support for those in need.

In my cherished moments away from the bustling world of electrical work, I find solace and immense joy in spending quality time with my four wonderful children. Their laughter and curiosity bring a unique brightness to my life, reminding me of the importance of family amidst the challenges of running a business.

Together, with the support of our community, WAM continues to thrive, creating a brighter, safer, and more connected world for all.

Join me in this empowering journey. Let’s light up lives and make a difference, one electrical connection at a time.

Warm regards and God Bless,
Andrew Wallace
Founder/CEO, WAM Electric

Matthew 6:25-34

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